Senior Governance Specialist. Public Speaker. Writer.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

(Maha Utama Gandhi)

«Why pervasive poverty in many developing – and some developed – countries around the world? Partially because of lack of responsible governance, or bad use of it. What is governance? Simply put, it is the balance of power between historically well established power centres. As defined by English and French political thinkers of the XVIIth and XVIIIth Enlightenment centuries John Locke and Montesquieu, they are the Legislative, Executive and the Judiciary branches.

How does it manifest itself? Mainly through a clear vision of what a country as a whole is, where it wants to be in short, medium and long term perspectives, how to achieve these defined goals and objectives, with which means and through which ways?

This is done not only at the political level, setting the tone and the agenda, but also and concretely, through efficient and effective public administrations institutions, agencies and structures that enact on a daily basis sound, fair, transparent public policies, fed with inputs from citizens via participatory communications channels and instances.

Unfortunately, this is not the case everywhere. Many countries, although nominally defining themselves as «democracies» and «republics», consequently holding all the attributes and trappings of genuine democracies such as elections regularly, have become private possessions of all-powerful so-called «Executive»power holders and of their cronies; the remaining, subserviant, weak and weakened Legislative and Judiciary branches kept under tight control look more or less like extras in the power play taking place in front of them.

Improving governance where needed, one project or programme at a time, while developing a more comprehensive perspective and framework on governance all along, have been my main professional interests as expressed through the writings listed in this website, be they thoughts, articles, books, interviews, etc.

Practical actions I have been involved in promoting governance around the world in the last 20 years have encompassed tackling issues such as public administration reform, decentralization or subnational democratic development and the fight against corruption, as well as media development, international communications, education and capacity development in these sectors.

You are most welcome to provide your inputs and contributions to this ongoing works. As time allows other thoughts, articles, essays.

Raw Productions and Economic development

This article provides a point of view on how raw material such as timber, cocoa, coffee, minerals, etc., can – or cannot contribute to a country’s overall economic development and the wellbeing of its inhabitants, from macroeconomic theories to practical examples of a developed country (Canada) and a developing one, Cameroon.

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«Notre classe politique n'est constituée que de chefs de tribus»

La plupart des Camerounais ne se souviennent probablement plus de Henri-Paul Bolap. Et pourtant, c'est le tout premier journaliste de la province de l'Est. Sorti de l'Ecole supérieure internationale de journalisme de Yaoundé (Esijy) en 1975, il est nommé en août 1977, après un passage à Cameroon tribune, attaché de presse de Paul Biya, à l'époque Premier ministre de la République unie du Cameroun.

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