Senior Governance Specialist. Public Speaker. Writer.

Articles published in this part of my website are ideas developed in the last twenty years or so, on matters that are of the utmost importance to me, professionally.

Namely, these areas are: Governance (including Public Administrations Reforms processes, political and administratice Decentralization, the fight against corruption), Communications and International Development. Some of them were published in specialized journals while other are either ideas I freely developed, or reports written in the course of some of my professional commitments. Unfortunately for now, those that can be made available to the general public are written in French only.

Public Administration and Governance

Raw Productions and Economic development

This article provides a point of view on how raw material such as timber, cocoa, coffee, minerals, etc., can – or cannot contribute to a country’s overall economic development and the wellbeing of its inhabitants, from macroeconomic theories to practical examples of a developed country (Canada) and a developing one, Cameroon.

The World Bank and Africa's development

Dans une interview accordée à un collaborateur de l’hebdomadaire parisien « Jeune-Afrique » en novembre 1965, avec un optimisme débordant, George P. Woods, alors président de la Banque mondiale, prédisait un avenir radieux à 17 pays africains, parmi les 77 recensés à l’époque.

Comparative table on capacity development initiatives in five asian countries

Through five elements such as the country’s governance context, projects’ names, period and scope, capacity development objectives, approaches and other issues, this comparative table illustrates the different aspects that are in play in the theoretical and practical area of capacity development in the decentralization sector.

Communications and International Development

A travers modeles et theories

In this article, originally written in 1989, I sought to explore the roots of the relationship - now widely accepted and ubiquitous, but then yet under construction- between the two distinct fields of studies and practice of communication and international development, in order to situate their common contributions to the improvement of the living conditions of those in our common humanity still struggle in order to simply survive.